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Charitable Foundation Update

Your Operation Round Up™ donations are doing great things in the community! Grants from August included the Henderson County Homeless Ministry, Wills Point Ladies Club and the No. 1 British Flying Training School. Find out more about TVEC’s Operation Round Up program here.

Magazine / Election Update

TVEC members should start receiving the September issue of Texas Co-op Power magazine this week. The magazine cover will include your ballot for this year’s director election. A post-paid ballot return envelope and candidate biographies are located inside.

A few election notes—

• Having an elected board of directors is a unique feature of co-op businesses, and we need active members to participate and select board members to represent them.

• Ballots will be mailed to every TVEC member, whether or not they usually receive Texas Co-op Power Magazine.


• For the same reason, TVEC employees and management cannot be involved in the balloting process. Ballots must be mailed to the independent auditing firm Bolinger, Segars, Gilbert & Moss, L.L.P. in the provided envelopes to be counted.

• Winners of the board election will be announced at the 2019 TVEC Annual Membership Meeting on October 10 at the Canton Civic Center.

Weather Outlook

It is still hot but I’m liking the downward trend. Sign up for daily usage alerts to see exactly how your energy consumption is affected.

And here is some info on thermostat management for maximum savings.

Move Over – Slow Down Law Update

Texas’ Move Over – Slow Down law now includes utility trucks. We are a little bit biased about that of course. TVEC crews are often working from county and farm-to-market roads that have little space to spare. Please be cautious and you may also be avoiding a fine!

Don's Random Things on the Internet

Do you know any high school kids? It is time to start thinking about the Government-in-Action Youth Tour. Look for announcements about the contest entry dates and application information in the coming weeks.

What is bologna really made of anyway? (It isn’t as bad as you may think!)

While we are at it, make your own bologna.

The accidental invention of the slinky. What this tells me is that I should be more forgiving when my kids knock stuff onto the floor. They may be inventing a million-dollar toy.

If you own land, how far above and below do you own?

Here is a a photographic look at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.

Have a great week, everyone.