September Texas Co-op Power Magazine and Director Election Ballot

September is here, but your Texas Co-op Power magazine is not in the mailbox just yet. The September issue contains candidate information, official ballots and postage-paid envelopes for this year’s election for the TVEC Board of directors.

The dates of the election, as required by TVEC Bylaws, mean that the magazine has to be mailed later than usual, but they should start hitting your mailbox on or about September 11.

Co-op Principal #2 is Democratic Member Control, which means—unlike for-profit utilities—TVEC’s Board of Directors is chosen from among the membership, by the membership.

Need any more encouragement to vote? Four members who vote will win a $500 bill credit! Winners will be announced at the TVEC Annual Meeting on October 10. You do not have to be present at the meeting to win.

Weather Outlook
The good news was we had a nice rain event in much of the TVEC service territory on Saturday. The gusty winds and frequent lightning did cause some outages, but TVEC crews had most everything back to normal shortly after noon. If you haven’t already done so, signing up for TVEC Outage Texting is quick and easy, and makes reporting outages simple, plus you get a text back when power is back on. We do need your mobile number on file for the system to work.

This week goes back to summer temperatures, with triple digit days possible. That means your hard-working A/C will be stressed. Help it breathe easy and save energy with a fresh filter. It is also worth a few minutes to make sure your outside unit is clear from any grass or debris that could restrict air from getting to the sides or fan. It is literally working to put the heat of your house outside, and airflow is essential.








National Preparedness Month

Hurricane Dorian wont affect us here, but it is a good reminder that being prepared for a disaster is important. September is National Preparedness Month. Look for more information, tips and links throughout the month on TVEC social media channels and here on the blog.

Fun Electricity-Related Tidbit

LED light bulb technology has been a giant leap forward for both efficiency and longevity. I don’t know if any modern bulbs will be able to match this though..

Don’s Random Things on the Internet

Time lapse video of Hurricane Dorian spinning up is interesting.  And here is a story about Co-ops in the storm’s path preparing for what could be major damage.

Marvel movie fans … An interactive graphic to understand the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There was a time you might have a picnic or take a date out to the cemetery instead of a city park?!

Have a great week, everybody.