Understanding Your Bill

Your Bill at a Glance

TVEC’s new bill design provides a lot of information at your fingertips

  • The primary purpose of your bill is to explain your electricity usage and costs for the previous billing period.
  • Your bill includes reference information, including your current and previous month’s usage data, average daily use and energy cost, temperature information and important messages from the co-op.
  • The energy (kWh) charge covers the cost of wholesale energy costs, and about two cents per kWh goes to co-op operations. 
  • The Power Cost Recovery Factor charge, if any, is a mechanism for adjusting to highs and lows in the wholesale energy market. 
  • The TVEC Customer Charge is a fixed cost charged to each meter. That money goes toward day-to-day operations, line maintenance and construction and the cost of doing business.
  • Click here for a descriptive bill explainer showing the features of your billing statement.

Other Items On Your Bill

Taxes, fees and Operation Round Up may also apply to your bill

  • Sales Tax: State and municipal sales tax applies to certain business accounts.
  • Franchise Fees: Some cities and municipalities require a franchise fee on
    utilities provided to their residents. This fee is collected and passed
    directly to the city/municipality. Each entity provides map updates to
    determine who is inside the franchise fee area. The location of your meter is
    considered the point of delivery for inclusion in a franchise fee area.
  • Rural Emergency Service Districts may apply to receive sales tax money. The location of your meter is
    considered the point of delivery for inclusion in an ESD area.
  • Operation Round Up: Operation round up is a voluntary program that provides
    grants for nonprofit organizations who provide services within the TVEC service
    area. The amount added will range from $0.01 to $0.99, rounding up to the next
    whole dollar amount. Average donations to operation round up are $6 per year.
    Find out more, including how to opt out of the program at tvec.net/charitable-foundation or by contacting TVEC member services. 
  • All taxes and fees are charged based on the location of your TVEC meter and mapping data provided by your county or taxing entity.

Your bill is more than just an amount you pay for electric service. It is also a communication tool with valuable information about your TVEC account, electric usage patterns and important co-op messages. Find your billing statement, and much more information on your phone or online in SmartHub!