Operation Round Up / TVEC Charitable Foundation

TVEC is proud to participate in Operation Round Up. The combined giving of thousands of co-op members adds up to making a big difference for charitable organizations that work in the TVEC service area.

The concept is simple. Participating members will have their electric bills rounded up each month to the next whole dollar amount. For example, a bill of $75.68 would be rounded up to $76. That’s a 32 cent contribution from the member. It may not sound like much, but when more than 40,000 members pitch in a few cents every month, the pennies really add up.

On average, participating members will contribute 50 cents each month. The most a member would ever contribute in a single month would be 99 cents per account.

The possibilities of this program are huge. In fact, over the years the Operation Round Up funds donated by TVEC members have been used to provide grants totaling more than $3 million to more than 200 local agencies. Agencies supported have included fire departments, senior citizens centers, education foundations, food banks, children’s advocacy groups, animal shelters, libraries and many more.

We are excited about what the Operation Round Up program is doing for the communities in the TVEC service area. But, this program only works with the participation of our members. We encourage everyone to participate and see what kind of a difference a few pennies can make. Members may opt out of participation at any time by calling TVEC Member Services.

If you have a question about Operation Round Up, please contact our member services department at 1.800.766.9576.