Youth Tour

The 2021 Government-In-Action Youth Tour contest is the trip of a lifetime. The tour is scheduled for June 13-22, 2021.  Winners of this year’s contest will travel to Austin to begin the journey to Washington, D.C…  Students will tour the Texas State Cemetery, the Texas State Capitol and the Bob Bullock Museum.  A little Texas history will be a taste of what awaits the students as they depart for Washington D.C. to join the other 1500 students from across the United States.

Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors from the TVEC service area are eligible to enter the Youth Tour to Washington, D.C. contest and win an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C.   Highlights include a visit to your congressional offices, tours of historic monuments, memorials and the Smithsonian Institute.  The tour group will travel to Arlington National Cemetery, Washington National Cathedral, the Supreme Court, and to the Library of Congress, as well as other special attractions.

In addition to taking in the sights and sounds around the nation’s capital, all of the state groups will convene for Rural Electric Youth Day and an evening of dinner and dancing.

Download the 2021 Youth Tour Application here. The deadline for entry is January 15, 2021.


Visit Texas Electric Cooperatives for more information about Youth Tour.


Steps Being Taken: COVID-19

Due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, TVEC wants to ensure the safety of its members and their families. All precautionary steps will be taken for the participants in the 2021 Youth Tour.  The National Rural Electric Association and Texas Electric Cooperatives have decided to break up the states into smaller groups. Each group will participate in events and tours in Washington, D.C. on certain days to ensure the safety of the students and chaperones.

2019 Youth Tour Winners Tim Bogan and Tutu Bodede with Director of Corporate Relations Bobbi Byford and PR Representative Laura Melton.