In an effort to expand the ways we connect with members, TVEC will begin testing an online chat feature through starting this week.

Members will see a new “Click to Chat” button on the website during business hours. After hours, members may leave a message through the same service.

Through the chat feature, TVEC member services representatives will be able to quickly respond to questions, much as they would with a phone call, but there are a few limitations.

Payments will not be taken over live chat.

Outage reporting should also go through our outage reporting system, by calling 800-967-9324 or using our outage texting service.

As with a phone call, you will still need to give us your account number or service address, and be able to confirm your identity so that you may access account information.

Please use the survey at the end of your chat session to leave feedback on how you liked the chat feature.