Thanks again to everyone who came out to the 2019 TVEC Annual Membership Meeting. Co-ops thrive with active membership! A short report about the meeting, election results and a link to the meeting booklet with all of the financials and stats is here.

Here is an interesting look at a challenge faced by TVEC linemen today while working to restore power near Brownsboro today. Locating the problem was hard enough due to swampy terrain that had to be traversed by foot. A broken insulator was found, but then when climbing the pole another issue came up… at some point a woodpecker had carved out a nice hole all the way through the pole. The nest was clearly empty and no birds were seen, but the damage was done.

It is likely that the insulator was damaged by someone with a gun. Please don’t ever use electrical equipment as target practice. It is dangerous and can cause major problems, inconvenience for your neighbors and a dangerous situation for linemen.

While I’m talking about dangerous things for linemen…. I’ve seen what seems to be a new round of advertising signs attached to power poles. It is illegal in most areas, and downright ugly. I’m sure it is effective from a marketing standpoint, but having staples and nails sticking out of the poles create a real hazard for the workers whose job is dangerous enough already.

Ag/Timber Sales Tax Exemption

Click here for information regarding Ag/Timber sales tax exemptions, which must be renewed by the end of the year.

Weather Outlook

After the brief cold snap over the weekend, the week ahead looks quite nice with some rain chances tonight and early next week. Of course if storms bring outages, TVEC crews and dispatchers will be ready to go get things back on.

It was cold enough overnight a few times to kick on the heater this weekend, and the smell of the dust burning off for the start of winter was a good reminder to change air filters and consider having a professional look at the unit to make sure everything is in good order. Home heating is a major cause of home fires, so start the season off with a good safety check, and never plug space heaters into extension cords or power strips.

Don’s Random Things on the Internet

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Have a great week, everybody.