It is beginning to feel like February this week, but the weekends have been springlike so I’m not complaining. I keep hearing people say their ponds are filling up, which is always a good thing.

Usage Alerts and Reminders Errors

For those of you who subscribe to TVEC email or text alerts and reminders (And EVERYONE should!) there was a technical problem at the end of last week that caused some frustration. Please accept our apology for the problem. It is a pretty complicated set of systems that read the meter data then process it for billing and alerts. Most of the time it works without a hitch, but this time the alerts were duplicated or estimated causing some headaches. Here is some more info on that.

Youth Tour Winners Announced

The results are in and we again have two great students to represent the TVEC area as part of the Government-in-Action Youth Tour for 2020. And both winners are from Crandall High School, junior Darlene Gonzalez and senior Aman Hogan-Bailey.

These two students’ essays were judged to be the best by communications professionals at other co-ops, and both were excited to be chosen for the trip.

Find more information on the Youth Tour Here and Here.

Weather Outlook

As they say, we won’t be complaining about this rain come August, but it looks like a flooding threat is imminent for most of the TVEC service area tomorrow.

With an expected temperature swing of more than 20 degrees across the next 10 days there  is extra incentive to keep your thermostat in mind. On the days that will warm up nicely you can turn off your heater when you leave for work and let the weather work for you.

Don’s Random Things on the Internet

Topical – Will we use sewers to heat our homes in the future? Makes sense.. First person to adapt this to septic systems cheaply and effectively will have a lot of customers.

For Valentine’s I guess? How the body makes blood.

Cautionary Tale – Don’t Get Hacked

With the rise of food delivery service comes “dark kitchens.” They have to make the food somewhere, I guess.

Have a great week, everybody.