Welcome to TVEC’s new weekly Plugged In blog. It is a quick look at the week ahead in the TVEC service area and what is going on at your co-op!

Sunday’s Outages – It was an eventful weekend, wrapping with a widespread outage situation for folks in the north and eastern parts of the TVEC service territory. That outage was the result of transmission line problems that appear to have originated out near Longview. Power was back on by about 8:30 for most of the nearly 30,000 TVEC members who were affected.

The incident does illustrate the size and complexity of the electrical grid, which operates as a giant, interconnected series of grids. While we have planning and contingencies in place for many outage scenarios,  some problems that can arise have regional affects.

Thank you for your patience in waiting that out in the heat until we were given the all clear to start restoring power. TVEC members are the best!

Weather Outlook: I saw a report that August 18 is historically the average date when the daily temperature begins to drop, so that is good news.

Unfortunately it still looks like a hot week ahead. That means another week of managing your thermostat to make the biggest impact on energy use.








TVEC News –

Prepay – We’ve hit one year of service with our Pay As You Go pre-paid electric service, which is now used by more than 650 members. For many members it has been a great way to manage usage and payments. For some it has even resulted in lower bills because of the reminders and usage alerts.

Those alerts are available to everyone! Daily usage alerts, or alerts that only tell you when you have crossed a predetermined limit, can keep you informed about the energy consumption for your home.

Contact member services, use the myTVEC mobile app or log in to the member portal at TVEC.NET to configure alerts.

Annual Meeting!

The TVEC Annual Membership Meeting is coming up on October 10 at the Canton Civic Center. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the co-op, get to know some TVEC employees and other members, and maybe learn a thing or two about how to save energy, TVEC educational programs and more. We look forward to seeing you there!


Don’s random things on the internet …

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I bought 3rd-grader some back-to-school shoes in Canton over the weekend.. a Nike “Sneaker Subscription” just would never have occurred to me!

And finally – it is fun to catch some deer or coyotes on the game cameras, but National Geographic takes it to another level.


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