Democratic Member Control is one of the founding principles of Co-ops, and we need members to make co-op governance by the members and for the members.

And did we mention that there is a chance to win cash prizes?

Your September Texas Co-op Power magazine will be arriving in your mailbox soon, and with it you will find your 2022 TVEC director ballot and a postage-paid envelope to mail it in. Ballots must be signed and include your member number to be valid. Ballots must be received at the auditing firm Calvetti Ferguson in Fort Worth by October 4 to be valid and counted in the election.

Why Vote?

As a member-owned co-op, TVEC is governed by a board of directors made up of members rather than a corporate board of investors. That means the focus and direction of the organization is set by your neighbors, fellow members whose focus is creating a co-op that works best for the membership.

Voting is also important for the success of our TVEC Annual Membership Meeting. Our voter count is used as our quorum count for conducting business at our annual meeting.

How to Vote

All voting information is located in the September Texas Co-op Power Magazine, including your ballot, postage-paid envelope and director candidate biographies. One ballot is allowed per membership, but all members may vote for a candidate in all three districts, regardless of which district you reside in.

Simply fill out your ballot, including your name, account number and signature, and return it to Calvetti Ferguson, the firm conducting our election, in the provided envelope.

In accordance with TVEC bylaws, the magazines were mailed on September 6. You should start receiving them in the mail soon. However, if you do not receive your magazine and you would like a replacement copy, you may request one at any of the TVEC offices.

Do not return your completed ballot to our office! It will not be a valid vote and it will not be entered in the prize drawing.

Thank you for helping us make our co-op a success!

If you have any questions, contact our member services team at 800-766-9576