Update Nov. 10 – SmartHub transition progress continues, with more than 19,000 members signed up for the online or mobile app platform in the last two weeks. Thank you once again for your patience as we go through this transition. We expect higher than usual call volume in the weeks ahead, but after everyone gets through this first billing cycle we should start to see that come back down.
SmartHub Usage Alerts are Now Available:
Usage alerts are also now available by clicking through the ‘Settings’ menu, and ‘Manage Notifications’. Daily usage alerts are a great tool to help monitor your electricity consumption, and they can also help you identify potential issues with your home’s systems by seeing high usage patterns that may indicate a problem.
Call Center Returns to Regular Hours:
Due to low call volume in the evening hours Weds. and Thurs., the call center will resume normal hours and close at 5:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 10.