By now all TVEC members with email addresses in our system have been sent your new account number and SmartHub login information. If you have not seen that email in you inbox, check spam or junk folders, it will come from the email address

You can also use your old account number for your initial registration into SmartHub.

Phones Update: Over the last few weeks, The TVEC member services team has handled about 800 inbound calls per day, along with hundreds of returned messages, email and web responses and online chats. We know there have been some long wait times and dropped calls due to phone system capacity issues, but over the next few weeks things should get much better as we all get settled in the new system. Thank you all again for your patience.

Once you are in SmartHub, be sure to check out the usage monitoring features. Knowledge is power, and as we get into the cold weather season you can eliminate any surprises on your bill by seeing what each cold snap is adding to the bill.

Not on SmartHub yet? Find out more here..