Bill Design Changes Aim For Clarity with Rate and Weather Information. Rates are unchanged.

We do not expect your monthly electric bill to be the piece of mail you most look forward to opening, but
we want it to be an informative and useful look at your month’s energy usage.
Over the last several years, we have identified several areas to improve the look and content of the billing statement.
Starting with bills that are mailed in November, some new features should make your bills more informative
and easier to read. In the billing details, you will now see a full breakdown of how your bill is calculated, including the kilowatt-hour usage amount and rate as well as any power cost recovery factor (PCRF) adjustment.
Below the billing section is a chart representing daily electricity usage combined with daily high and low temperatures.
Members with grid-connected solar or wind power installations will also see more data regarding their excess power generation and buyback rates.
For members who use E-Bill or Pay as You Go prepaid electricity, billing statements are available through the TVEC member portal on and the myTVEC mobile
If you have any questions regarding these bill changes, please contact our member services team at 800-766-9576 or email

Rate 1 – Residential Members

Rate 1 members will see a more open format in the billing details section, with the addition of the electricity rate. Line items in this section are now grouped to aid in ease of reading. Below that, there will be a graph showing usage and weather data for the billing period.


Rate 8 – Commercial Accounts

Similar to Rate 1, commercial accounts will see an improved explanation of billing details, including calculations for demand billing and kilowatt-hour usage.

All other bills, including rates for wind and solar distributed generation members will have tweaks that help make them easier to read and understand. If you have any questions about your bill, please reach out to our member services team at 800-766-9576 or