TVEC crews and dispatchers were busy last night as severe storms crossed the northern part of our service area with high winds and a lot of lightning.

The large number of outages resulted in a skipped read cycle by our AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system. With no expected storm activity this evening, all meter readings should be updated by the system overnight tonight.

For Pay-as-You-Go prepaid electricity members: Today’s billing cycle will be based on estimated usage. Tomorrow’s billing cycle will correct to the accurate usage amount for the two-day period.

For traditional billing members: The only affect will be a temporary missing day on your usage graph in the TVEC Member Portal or the myTVEC mobile app. This data should be corrected with accurate data after the new meter readings are pulled in tomorrow.

For usage alerts: Today’s text and email usage alerts will likely show duplicate information from yesterday’s alerts for most traditional billing members.