TVEC to Resume Normal Billing, Non-Pay Disconnects in September

TVEC stopped disconnecting non-paying accounts back in March in an effort to help members who have been affected by pandemic-related business closures, layoffs and the overall economic impact of COVID-19. The current plan is to return to normal billing protocols in September. Please see the full statement here.

Bill Payment Assistance

For members who may need assistance, please reach out to us over the next month, or contact one of the area organizations who may be able to help with your bill.

TVEC is Hiring

We are looking for someone in our operations department… it takes a special individual to work with power lines, but we know someone around here is up to the task. Job description and application here.

Weather Outlook

Certainly no complaints for this native Texan when the first day of August is in the lower 90s!

And of course, while air conditioning is the biggest household user of electricity in the summer, there are always things you can do to save! Managing the thermostat is still important, with a recommended A/C setting of 78 degrees. On a 97 degree day, your A/C is fighting for every degree you drop the temp. It can be a 5% energy savings from each degree you go up.

Don’s Random Things on the Internet

You can play all the Atari 2600 games via the internet.

Maps so bad they are good (or at least funny).

How far could an English speaker go back in history and still be able to communicate? Not that far.

Have a great weekend, Everybody!