Update – February 25: Member usage graph data is now being added into the system. This is a long process, and you may see fluctuations or missing readings temporarily as the system updates and recalculates. We will update these posts when the process is complete.

Original Post

TVEC’s member usage graphs and alerts are in the process of being updated following this week’s ERCOT Energy Emergency event. The information included in this message is intended to help you understand how our usage graph system works, and what you will be seeing as the system updates after days of power outages and of rolling load reduction.

TVEC meters store hourly and daily readings internally, and during normal operation that information is sent to the TVEC member information system each night. During the rolling outage process, that data cannot be retrieved. You may have seen that during the storm period, usage graphs were blank for those days.

On Thursday night, a set of readings was successfully uploaded and the process of updating the graphs began.

In the first step, the system only applies the most current meter reading. Because it did not have readings for the previous three days, it averages out the total amount to display four average days on the graph. This is indicated on the TVEC Member Service Portal version of the graph, as seen below.

The TVEC Member Service Portal usage graph showing storm usage averaged over four days.


The myTVEC mobile app usage graphs show the same data, but do not incorporate the different colors and labeling for the averaged readings.

Over the next few days, the system will allocate time to sift through the stored hourly and daily readings to provide accurate meter data for each day.

We apologize for the confusion that this causes. The technology offers a great way to monitor and manage energy usage, but the data management system must go through its processes for 70,000 meters. In a situation like this, it will take time for the data to be put in place.

We expect the graphs to reflect accurate daily usage data by the middle of next week.

If you would like to to estimate a bill based on the current usage, you can input the reading from your TVEC meter into the “Estimate a Bill” tab in the TVEC Member Portal.