PCRF Update: Energy Price Drops, Market Remains Volatile

As Natural gas prices spiked during the heat of summer, wholesale energy prices went up as well, leading to adjustments in the power cost recovery factor on Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative members’ bills.
Thankfully, energy prices have come back down somewhat, and the plan for upcoming PCRF charges has been adjusted accordingly.
In our August magazine, December bills were projected to have a $0.025 (two and a half cents) per kWh charge. That has been reduced to a $.01 (one cent) per kWh charge instead.
The energy market is very volatile right now, and we will be monitoring and adjusting as market conditions change. At the time of this publication, we anticipate a 1 cent PCRF in January as well.
For more information about the PCRF adjustment on your bill, please refer to the description of the charge on the back of your bill.
As a nonprofit electric cooperative, energy costs are not marked up for members, and our rate covers the cost of all transmission and delivery charges. The PCRF is designed to allow the co-op to adjust for changes in energy prices, which includes lowering rates whenever possible as well.
During this time of increased energy costs, any efforts to reduce energy consumption will be even more beneficial, both on your bill and to the co-op.
Saving money on your electricity bill is always a good idea, but with wholesale power driving the cost up, every energy-saving trick in the book will mean a little bit more.
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