As a nonprofit, member-owned co-op Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative is doing its best to stretch budget dollars and maintain a high level of service despite rising costs for all of the costs of doing business.
In doing so, we have also taken a look at the cost of different aspects of our service, and we are working to make sure that costs are fairly distributed to members.

New Administrative Fee for Connect/Disconnect Services
Beginning this month, a new fee of $20 will be charged to accounts for each disconnection or reconnection service. This will help us recover costs of employee time, recordkeeping and technology in performing these tasks.
This charge will affect new connections and disconnections, as well as nonpayment disconnects and reconnects.
In the case of new service installation or connection that requires a visit from a TVEC service technician, the existing $50 fee will cover the costs of the trip and related expenses.

Other ways you can help:
We continue to ask members to consider helping lower the co-op’s costs by reducing the use of credit cards for payment. Credit card processing fees added up to about $750,000 in 2021 alone. Those costs are ultimately paid by TVEC members and reduce the amount of money that can be eventually returned to members as capital credits.
Bank draft and e-check payments are the most cost-effective, and are also the easiest to use. Through the myTVEC mobile app or TVEC Member Portal on, you may pay quickly and easily with these methods and avoid the cost of mailing your bill as well.
The cost of postage also continues to rise. When members choose electronic billing is very helpful to reduce the co-ops printing and postage costs.