TVEC Board District 2

Jerry Priest


The TVEC family mourns the death of District 2 board representative Jerry Priest. Mr. Priest died June 3 after a short illness. His long service to the co-op, as well as his commitment to his community in Canton will have a lasting positive impact.

The TVEC Board of Directors will follow procedures for a board vacancy as provided in the co-op's bylaws. Look for additional information and updates here on the website and Texas Co-op Power magazine.

Jerry Priest was born and reared in Canton, Van Zandt County, Texas. He was elected to the Kaufman County Electric Cooperative Board of Directors in 1981.

"I have seen the Co-op grow from 12,500 meters to over 73,000 today," Jerry said. "I supported the merger in 1997 of Kaufman County Electric Co-op and New Era Electric Co-op forming Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative. This has provided great benefits to the members by reducing the operating cost and combining the Board of Directors. It also provided a reduction in rates."

Jerry’s family owned and operated a country store (Priest Store) at the intersection of state highway 243 and highway 47, for 50 years. He has owned and operated Jerry’s Pizza in Canton Texas for 44 years and farmed and ranched in Van Zandt and Kaufman County for 52 years.

“TVEC is one of the fastest growing co-ops in the state, and I hope my time and experience on the board will benefit the co-op in the future," Jerry said.

Jerry has been married for over 62 years, with three children, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

District 2 Director

Year Elected: 1981
Last Election: 2019
Next Election: 2022
Committees: Compensation