Developer Regulations Commercial



The Cooperative will construct a new extension of its overhead or underground distribution system to provide service within commercial developments where developer request electric infrastructure to be installed in advance of development of a site or lot by a customer, under the following conditions:

  1. The development is a platted commercial development with sites or lots for multiple customers to be primarily used or developed for permanent commercial, industrial, retail, and/or office customers;
  2. The land developer shall become a member, establish credit, execute an electric service agreement, and comply with all other applicable provisions of the Service Rules and Regulations of the Cooperative;
  3. The development, in the Cooperative’s judgment, is not unduly speculative and will be developed in a planned manner;
  4. The developer provides at no cost to the Cooperative:
    1. Right-of-way easements and covenants on owner’s property that are satisfactory to the Cooperative.
    2. Site plans (streets, wet utilities, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping plans, etc.), notice of construction start dates and construction schedules that are reasonable and industry typical for the type of work to be performed.
    3. Survey points for grades, lot corners, street ROW, and other locations reasonably necessary for installation of the electric system.

Facilities Charge

  1. The Cooperative shall estimate the actual cost for the electric infrastructure required by the developer in advance of development of a site or lot by a customer based on current unit material and labor costs for the same type of construction. The estimated cost is the estimated total cost of all construction including not only the labor and materials used in constructing the extension, but also engineering, right-of-way acquisition and clearing, and all other costs directly attributable to the extension.
  2. The amount of the customer’s contribution in aid of construction for all other extensions shall be determined by the following formula. If the amount calculated below is zero or negative, no contribution in aid of construction is required for provision of electric service.  Coop’s Allowable Investment = Annual Revenue / Return Factor Total Project Cost = Direct Cost + System Cost Customer’s Contribution = Total Project Cost – Coop’s Allowable Investment.