Engineering Specs – Underground

General Underground Service Specifications for a New All Electric Home

  1. These specifications describe the installation of a meter loop on a house, and shall supersede all former Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc. (TVEC) specifications. All work must be installed in accordance with the National Electric Code, TVEC or any local or state laws in existence at the time of installation. All work shall be in accordance with specifications and drawings as shown above and shall be subject to the acceptance of an authorized representative of the TVEC. Where TVEC specifications exceed other laws and codes, these specifications shall take precedence over all others.
  2. TVEC reserves the right NOT to connect service if the TVEC representative considers the installation is not installed according to these specifications.
  3. All material, except meter base, shall be furnished and maintained by TVEC in a location mutually acceptable to the customer and TVEC. TVEC shall furnish a meter base for the customer to install to these specifications.
  4. All fittings or hardware shall be cast bronze, brass, galvanized or otherwise made corrosion resistant, and must be in good condition.
  5. Grounding conductor to ground rod shall be no smaller than #6 cu. The conductor shall be continuous from the top ground lug of meter to the ground rod. The conductor shall be securely strapped or stapled to the building to protect it from mechanical injury. Otherwise install the conductor in 1/2” conduit and securely fasten it to the pole or wall.
  6. Copperweld Ground rod shall be 5/8” x 8’ and driven in the ground to a point where the ground rod clamp is exposed at surface level. Galvanized ground rods are NOT permissible.
  7. Site work must be to final grade before underground service can be installed.
  8. TVEC furnishes, installs and maintains the service lateral connecting TVEC distribution system to the member’s point of delivery. Where the member installs, or plans to install, obstructions (asphalt or concrete walk, driveway, retaining wall, paved parking lot, etc.) in the path of TVEC’s service lateral, TVEC may require the member to provide and install raceways for TVEC service lateral to meet TVEC specifications. Contact a TVEC representative for details.
  9. TVEC is not responsible for damaging private plumbing. It is the member’s responsibility to show or expose the plumbing.
  10. All obstructions must be moved before construction starts.

Particular Specifications for Underground Service

  1. 200 amp meter base with a 2” insulated conduit bushing.
  2. Conductors used in 200 amp service shall be no smaller than 2/0 THHN cu. or 3/0 THW cu.
  3. Neutral may be one size smaller than phase connectors.