What is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)?
Advanced Metering Infrastructure refers to systems that measure, collect and analyze energy use, and interact with metering devices such as electric meters on request or on a schedule.

Why did we change to an AMI system?
To better serve our members. The new meters will help us improve the reliability, efficiency and quality of our service.

How much did this cost me?
There was no additional cost to the member to install the new meters. Furthermore, no rate increase are anticipated in association with this project.

How much did the co-op spend on this project?
The total cost of this project was approximately $17 million. Roughly 3.2 cents of each dollar you spent with the cooperative went towards funding of this project during the four-year deployment period.

Are there any potential health concerns related to the new meters?
No. TVEC deployed a Power Line Carrier (PLC) system which means the meters do not contain Radio Frequency (RF) transmitters. Research conducted by the Electric Power Research Institute, the Utilities Telecom Council and others has revealed no health impacts from digital meters.

Is the privacy of my information protected?
Yes. TVEC has been protecting its members information for over 70 years. Our privacy policies prohibit us from releasing any confidential member information to unauthorized parties. The meter and associated communication system are equipped with security features to prevent unauthorized access.

Other electric providers’ customers have complained about these meters. Why would TVEC deploy them in our area?
Despite some negative publicity about advanced meters during 2010’s unusually cold winter, the Public Utility Commission’s study has confirmed that the products are accurately measuring and recording usage, as well as communicating that information for use in customer billing.

How do the new meters work?
The new meters send information to the co-op electronically over the power lines. This eliminates the need for a meter reader to come to your house in person.

What’s the difference between the new meters and the old meters?
The new AMI meters are electronic and include an AMI module that enables communication back to the co-op.

What information does the new meter record?
The new meters record energy usage, peak demand, energy used per hour, voltage, the number of times the meter has experienced a loss of power and the date and time for each of these events.

Can the co-op tell what appliances I am running inside my home?
No. TVEC’s initial implementation of these meters does not include communication with in-home devices.

Do I still need to notify the co-op when my power is out?
Yes. When you have an outage or emergency situation you are encouraged to call us. The new meters help us identify the extent of an outage and assist in verifying restoration but they do not proactively notify us of an outage in real time

Can the co-op disconnect electric service using the new meters?
Yes. TVEC is able to disconnect and connect meters remotely.

Do I still have to pay the $20 customer charge?
Yes. The customer charge component includes billing, accounting, customer service, meter reading, a portion of the distribution wire expense for metering, transformers, general operations maintenance and other expenses based on service to a minimum size customer.

Will the co-op still need access to my property after the new meters are installed?
Yes. We still need access to maintain our lines and to perform periodic inspections of the new meters in the future.