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Record Winter Demand Drives Up Usage


You may have heard that Texas set a new winter record for electricity demand earlier this month, and the same was true for Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative. Of course, that also means that we have been hearing from members with concerns about upcoming electricity bills.

When you consider that heating uses an estimated 22%-42% of all home energy consumption for the year, but that is all lumped into just a few months, it can be frustrating or even a bit of a shock to see that bill. When heaters are working to keep home temperatures up 30-40 degrees or more above the outside temperature for extended periods of time, it really adds up.

Usage Low Temp

Usage Graphs on the TVEC Member Service Portal show the relation between outside temperature and home energy use. This varies for every home, depending on size of the residence, thermostat settings, insulation and other factors.

As a member-owned, non-profit co-op, we are committed to doing everything we can to help our members, and this cold January is no exception. If you are concerned about your bill or need to make payment arrangements, please do not hesitate to call our member services team at 800-766-9576

TVEC’s rate has not changed since 2008, and our bills are based on a simple formula of the rate x usage plus our customer charge. We are proud of our record of keeping costs down, and our rate remains competitive when all factors are considered.

Here are some other services that we offer that may be helpful in managing electricity usage or finding problem areas that might affect your bill.

Email Energy Alerts: Get alerts to know exactly how much energy you have used on a daily basis.
Home Energy Audits: Let our energy management advisor show you what uses the most energy in your home and ways to lower electricity usage.
Levelized Billing: Even out the peak months using average billing.