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Online Bill Pay

Members have the convenience of paying their bill online. The online billing site allows you to pay, view and print your current bill. You may also view your three-month bill history. Please remember that passwords are case sensitive.

Click here to pay your bill online.

Note: Online bill payment is unavailable from 10:50 p.m. to 12:10 a.m. daily for maintenance.


Credit Cards

You may elect to pay your bill by using Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Members may elect to charge their bill directly to their credit card each month if they so choose.


You may elect to use our E-Check service. E-Check allows you to pay your bill electronically by way of your checking account.

Bank Draft

Many of our members have had their electric bill bank drafted each month for years. This avoids the need to sit down and write a check every month and place in the mail.

Budget Billing

TVEC is proud to offer Budget Billing to our members. Budget Billing allows you to level out your monthly electric bill.

Payment Night Drop

The cooperative has at each office location an after-hours drop box for our members' convenience. We do ask that you do not deposit cash in our drop boxes.


Please read the note below if you utilize the Mozilla Firefox
web browser before you pay your bill online.

Some members are reporting errors stating "Address Not Found" or "Server Not Found" when they attempt to make a payment and then click 'Yes' on the redirection page. This is occurring with members who utilize Mozilla Firefox as their web browser. This is a known problem between the Mozilla Firefox browser and the firewall settings on the member’s computer and generally occurs after an update of Mozilla Firefox or the firewall settings. If you experience this problem, please click on the link below for instructions on how to adjust your firewall settings to make your firewall compatible with Mozilla Firefox. The link provides instructions for changing the firewall settings of several popular firewalls. After making and saving the suggested changes, please re-boot your computer.


If, after performing the recommended changes, you experience the same error, please contact our Member Services Department at 1-800-766-9576. Tell them you have tried the suggestions provided in the link and that you are still receiving the same error. The Member Services Representative can also assist you with your payment at that time. Please note: To help us trouble-shoot this issue, the Member Services Representative will ask you for some additional information regarding the problem.

An alternative would be to utilize Internet Explorer Version 6.xx or 7.xx. Mac users can utilize Safari 2.xx. Safari 3.0 and Internet Explorer Version 8.xx are not supported at this time.

Free download for Mac users that can not use Internet Explorer: